Susedský Boršč

Susedský Boršč – Nachbarborschtsch – Сусідний борщ

Jürgen Rendl (AT), Sasha Protyah (UA): ochutnávka suburbánnej kultúry

nedeľa, 25. novembra 2018 o 17.00 v Salóniku

“Prvýkrát som išiel na Ukrajinu v lôžkovom vozni z Viedne. Vybavujem si iba veľmi málo dojmov zo Slovenska. Moja vášeň pre ‘krajiny medzi’ a istý zvláštny typ ‘východoeurópanstva’ však musela určite začať niekde tam. Môj ukrajinský priateľ Sasha Protyah príde do Bratislavy prvýkrát. Bude rozprávať o svojich filmárskych aktivitách a pri tej príležitosti chceme s vami zdieľať boršč, výskum poháňaný zvedavosťou a ne-akademickú antropológiu. Možno pocítime aj ilúziu ‘východoeurópanstva’. Veď sme skoro z tej istej štvrte.”

Jürgen Rendl


For my first trip to Ukraine, I took a sleeper train from Vienna, a wonderful Soviet-built kupe carriage, that hit Bratislava’s hlavná stanica as well as the haunting railway hub Čierna nad Tisou. It took more than 24 hours to reach Lviv, accompanied by exuberant, high-spirited gestures of warm-hearted hospitality shared by my Ukrainian travel companion. Even though I can recall only a few Slovak impressions from that journey, I‘m sure that my love for those landscapes in-between, for a certain kind of easternness, started to grow during that journey.

Regardless of my sentiments towards that train connection, which doesn’t pass through Slovakia anymore, my friend Sasha Protyah will visit Bratislava for the first time. So we thought we could show some of his films, share Queer Borscht, as well as thoughts about our projects, curiosity-driven research, non-academic anthropology, suburban drifting without a nap, and maybe even touch upon the illusion of a certain kind of easternness. Cause in the end, we’re all from the same hood.


Sasha Protyah is an independent filmmaker and cultural activist based in Mariupol, Ukraine. Active in the scene for more than ten years, he has recently co-founded the civic association „Freefilmerz“ to support film production on an independent base. He has shown his work at several occasions in places like Zaporozhye, St. Petersburg, or Kaunas. Together with friends he started the tradition of „Queer Borscht“ sessions in social and cultural hubs all across Ukraine.

Jürgen Rendl is an Austrian-born and Bratislava-based radio editor and researcher, dedicated to peripheries and marginalised knowledge. Guided by curiosity, he is constantly wandering, absorbing, and occasionally intervening at the fringes of urbanity. He initiated the artistic research project ‘Stadlnova’, based on the idea of a fictive suburb between Vienna and Bratislava, and regularly contributes to cultural initiatives in the wider region. You can follow the records of his ramblings on


We intend to talk (mostly) in English, Sasha prepared English subtitles for his films, and our Queer Borscht will be vegan.

Update: Sasha wrote me, that he’ll name all the ingredients for Queer Borscht in Slovak.




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